Your North Star
10th Mar 2013Posted in: Text 0
Your North Star

Brittany Ansay, a local artist and technologist attuned to the heart of life, had tea with me a month ago. We talked about balancing being a creative and leading in other more structured ways. And, she wrote a beautiful blog post on her beautiful new handmade site about the inspiration-imprints left after our tea chat – and the importance of Following Your Creative North Star:

After leaving the “interview”, I took an important concept away from me. Ali mentioned that we all have a guiding north star. It’s a star that pulls us and constantly manifests itself within our lives. It is truth, love, feelings, and it is the path we see ourselves living. It is passion worth sharing. It is the journey we want to tell as our own story.

It’s always there. You just have to feel it, find it.

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