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From the moment she first met him on the eve of the new moon in Virgo, his intensity and energy shot up her spine and illuminated her soul like something cosmic exploded deep within her. In all her 31 years, past tales of unrequited love and stories of love-gone-wrong, she had never been so moved by a first meeting. She instantly knew he was a Scorpio and wanted to surf in his depths. It was there that a crush the size of the unexplored universe was born. When he asked what she was doing for New Year’s Eve 2011 and told her about the Black +/- White Ball at BMoCA, she wondered if she was a fool to think that he wanted to be next to her on NYE. She wanted that more than anything. Luckily, her closet was full of little black dresses and she had white-hot-passion the match as she went in search of a midnight kiss.

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