The Creative Conspirator

People call me a spark plug. I believe life is your big art project. My wish is for you to live deeply from your creative center, to shine like the diamond that you are, and to be connected to the joy of being alive. Of course, there’s more…

Soul & Savvy

A font of creativity, compulsive collager and inspiring hearts at every turn, each moment for me is a canvas of soul expression. By day, I’m founding partner, coach and COO at I like to call myself a Creative Conspirator. Since 2006, I’ve helped people and organizations bring their ideas to life via creative strategy and internal systems development. I’m a systems thinker and an artist. A visionary who can make things happen with clarity and grace.

Folks call me ‘a prolific, ethereal creative’, ‘connected’, a ‘bright light’. I love to inspire others to align with their soul’s work, to live deeply, to become radically alive. Why? Because on Universe Blvd., the pearl of great pricelessness is knowing who you are and acting accordingly in your

Cut from a star in a nearby galaxy and born on the cusp of a full moon in Virgo, I was raised in the wooded, rolling fields of Wisconsin, chasing butterflies on horseback by day and catching fireflies before dreamtime. I crave mountain air and my spirit is home in the Rocky Mountain West. I hold a Masters Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I’ve chronicled some notable moments along my journey for your reading pleasure, here.

More footnotes:

A rebel at heart, if there’s one thing I learned from my maternal grandmother, it’s never to follow a recipe. I’ve got a fierce love for the blank page and fresh canvas – because the unknown is the most creative space. I like points of transformation, of internal and external metamorphosis, and experiences that  touch the heart of being human – and leave you forever changed. I am a horsewoman, yogini, a grounded visionary, and I believe 1+1=3.

If you ask me about the meaning of life (“So… what is this all about?”), I’ll look you square in the eyes and say “Cookies” with the spontaneity of a koan reply.

I feel these are beautiful and true:

1. Your medicine is always right in front of you.
2. There are no ordinary moments.
3. The body is the map.
4. If we slow down, simplify and be kind – we can heroicly save the world in record time.
5. If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.
6. Laughter is the music of the gods.
7. Horses are human whisperers.
8. Who ever smiles first, wins.