The Manifest Sessions

My Creative Conspiracy Theory is that everyone is an artist, but few people really believe in their own creative powers.

This has nothing to do with a still life. This has everything to do with the lines, shapes and textures of your experience in the space and time of daily living. This is about the fullest expression of yourself that we’ve all been waiting for and the difference that makes.

It’s about the importance and the power of art, especially art that stretches beyond the canvas into the embodied dynamics of your fleshy self. “You do art when you make change that matters, and do it via a connection with an individual,” writes Seth Godin.

If art changes the recipient, then every interaction has pure potential to be an artful one, and life becomes your Something that is not only deeply personal – but interpersonal. All the ripples you make in all the small ways in which your momentary interactions – your presence – touches someone else make a difference.

You are a body of work.

Manifesting is an action verb. When it comes to a successful body of work, ideas coupled with big vision take shape and come to fruition with the right plan of action. The Manifest Sessions is structural integration for ideas in the sense that we decrease the distance between a lofty goal and a tangible project to give bright thoughts an embodied place to land and launch successfully.

What happens in the manifest sessions is a metamorphosis spa where transformations and big shifts happen by opening up the space for creativity and mapping the course through infinite possibilities towards the future that is calling you into it.

It’s about movement and energy and the body electric. when your body of work begins to exercise it’s own creative powers, your art enters the world, makes waves, and makes a difference.

What will you do with this one wild and precious life? 

Shine on you crazy diamond,
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