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The ‘Better than Sex’ Dessert Party

For a while now I’ve been wet dreaming about having The Better Than Sex Dessert Party. Boulder has so many wonderful delicious products and confections that it seems sinful to not indulge in such chocolate covered decadence with friends.

So, while this soiree is still in the infancy of planning stages, here’s where I’m at so far for featured vendors – both local and not:

Massive Confections – the best salty chocolate bars… ever.

Chocolove – XOXO to my soul, extra dark please.

Coconut Bliss – spoon me in every flavor.

Hail Merry’s Chocolate Tarts – You’ll want to do 10 of these…

Blackbird Naturals – chocolate truffles. end stop. (but don’t stop).

Lenka’s Live Foods – if it’s chocolate’d or caramello’d, it’s invited.

Raw Honey – it’s more than a term of endearment…

Party favors: Naked Lip Balm – it’s like schmearing chocolate on your lips (you know, for the afterparty)

I’ll bring the extra chantilly…

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  1. mdubs says:

    Must include local honey!! I’ll bring!

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