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Meteora – spiritual trails
4th Dec 2011Posted in: Collage, Images, Text 0
unlimited spirit
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note to self, on a box of chocolates
8th May 2011Posted in: Text 1

“baby, go full mast: your ship is sailin on an amazing voyage in magical seas. remember: everything rhymes with chocolate.” xo, your heart

close to devotionalism, close to the sky: the salvific power of swings
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 2

About a month ago, my dearest fiery fairy friend called me out of the blue at twilight on a lovely warm evening and asked: “do you want to go for a walk?” I accepted without hesitation, as I’m always waiting for that sort of request. As with all time with her, it was luminous and […]

how-to guide for a life more beautiful
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relax into the magic
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Agni Candle Co – light your fire
3rd Dec 2010Posted in: Text 0

A month-or-so-ago this conversation happened via lightning-fast-txt-message: Sara: “I’m starting a candle company. need name ideas. GO!” me: “Agni Candle Co. After the Hindu god of fire and ignition.” Sara: “Damn you’re good.” The domain was bought shortly thereafter. And that is the magic of a hot idea. When the wick is lit, there’s no stopping the […]

Fresh Hex: the art of Emmy Swenson
23rd Oct 2010Posted in: Text 1

“Oh, you have the cutest hair,” my friend’s sister’s friend told me last night at the St. Julien Hotel where SambaDende was playing their brazilian beats. “I bet you don’t have to do anything to it. You’re so lucky.” I smiled and noted that yes, it’s really amazing, always fun and I don’t own a […]

Spellcasting: the magic of intention
9th Oct 2010Posted in: Text 0

Between my animal totem, host of guides and mentors, my penchant for the feminine divine, overall mightiness, auspicious way of being and attunement to the earth and heavens, you might call me a witch. While my recent spellcasting needs some work and I’m still working on the flying part, I’m ready to learn the ways […]

Ecstatic: magic and the photograph
4th Sep 2010Posted in: Text 0

This one might be my favorite old paper — as I figured out how to integrate Harry Potter into class. i(heart) this one.  This is a musing on the photograph in conversation with Barthes’ Camera Lucida. – ali Ecstatic  “As always in the wizarding world, the photograph was moving;  the wizard,…kept winking cheekily up at them […]