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Being self-luminous
20th Apr 2013Posted in: Text 0

Being self-luminous You cause everything to shine; Delighting in your form You fill the universe with delight; Rocking with your own bliss You make the whole world dance with joy. He who without hesitation Views all of this tangible world as your form, Having filled the universe With the form of his own self, Is […]

a simple creature
25th Jan 2012Posted in: Text 1

a simple creature by Allison Schultz I am here – present a gift. an unlettered map of the fallen starfragment tracing a story in the earth about a dream becoming true at the edge of transformation and wonder. a body of work soft animal fur and pink wired, electric desiring beyond my edges of percipient […]

wild ride of desire
11th Dec 2011Posted in: Collage, Images 0
‎Mindfully Becoming: Life is a feast of ‘nows’
10th Jul 2011Posted in: Text 1

‎”The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love. Born out of concern for all beings.” – Buddha Where you are and where you want to be […]

“your life is a moving prayer”
4th Jul 2011Posted in: Text 0

A few weeks ago I read this article in Elephant Journal and emailed it to myself to savor later, too. Later just happened whilst sinking into this day of interdependance. “Swollen with Light” is a worthwhile read in resonance with everything I feel so deeply here at that “your life is a moving prayer” […]

self-actualization: peak-experiencing life
30th May 2011Posted in: Text 0

I’ve been learning much lately about peak experiences and how to push the upper limits of happiness. This little ditty came in my inbox today via The Daily Love, and I wanted to repost it here because of all that muchness it reminds us of. Abraham Maslow’s 8 Ways to Self-Actualize 1. Experience things fully, […]

close to devotionalism, close to the sky: the salvific power of swings
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 2

About a month ago, my dearest fiery fairy friend called me out of the blue at twilight on a lovely warm evening and asked: “do you want to go for a walk?” I accepted without hesitation, as I’m always waiting for that sort of request. As with all time with her, it was luminous and […]

21st Feb 2011Posted in: Newsletters, Text 1

The clock may be a soulless mechanism, but gift of time and presence light up the sky like divine revelation here at Auspicious Projects, where our desserts taste like 3 days of love on a spoon. We vow to be awesome in every relationship, at interactions both digital and fleshy, which means being lit up […]

And so on, ad Infinitum
13th Feb 2011Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

“I think one’s art goes as far and as deep as one’s love goes.” – Andrew Wyeth Love is mixed throughout our body in the ever expanding universe at HQ, as it feeds our burning desires round the clock, and in other dimensions of the space-time continuum, as we feel into one of our favorite […]

10th Feb 2011Posted in: Text 0

In February of twenty-ten, just after an amazing adventure to NYC, I was moving through the morning flow on my yoga mat when the phrase ‘the manifest sessions’ came to me as if through direct transmission from my guides, angels and cosmic-yogini forces. At the time, I had been mulling over ideas for a blog […]