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Here Comes The Sun – acrylic on 48×60″ canvas $1275
27th May 2012Posted in: Canvas, Images 1
Everyday You Play With the Light of the Universe
5th Nov 2011Posted in: Text 0
ecstasy – acrylic on (3) 14×18″ canvas – SOLD
5th Sep 2011Posted in: Canvas, Images 0
in the colors, for Saturday breakfast
11th Mar 2011Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

The whole world as we experience it visually comes to us through the mystic realm of color.” – Hans Hofmann The sweet, sweet beauty that’s been pouring out of the studio over the past year – heck, the past week – is almost too much to keep to myself. I invite you to come visit, […]

inspired by the sun
16th Jan 2011Posted in: Collage, Images 0
be still and know
11th Nov 2010Posted in: Collage, Images 0
The Red Dot – and the power of art on a day of deca-dence
10th Oct 2010Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

As I embark on a little trip to the rich soulful canvas of the desert Southwest, a space that has held my spirit on many early spring adventures growing up and fostered my young love of pastel sunsets, all that gallops, glittering skylines from perches of perspective, giggles in starry-skied hot tubs and all things […]

God is like gravity
8th Sep 2010Posted in: Text 2

“God is like gravity,” he said. “It’s always there, and you learn to work with it.” These were the words uttered from my very wise and powerful rolfer a few sessions ago as he was briefing me on working with spirit. He always gives me homework and insight to take with me and keep his […]

Inspiritus: Artify your life
6th Sep 2010Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

The AP newswire is back at it with updates from the creative inferno. here is the latest. – ali Inspiritus Nothing drives our imagination more wild than the blank page or a fresh canvas here at the studio of all things Auspicious, where we believe the soul speaks solely in image (but occasionally through Owl […]

Gravity Decides – acrylic on 30×48″ canvas – SOLD
6th Sep 2010Posted in: Canvas, Images 1