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Just Add Breath: Climbing Out of the Crux of Fear
19th Jun 2011Posted in: Text 2

Last weekend was a turning point of epic proportions for me as I learned to really let go, trust and sink into the moment. In my mind it makes perfect sense, and I’ve witnessed it from working with so many horses over the years, but it was time for me to EMBODY that as a […]

Above treeline
20th Jan 2011Posted in: Text 0

“Life is to be felt, not just figured out.” – Thomas Hardy Lately I’ve been feelin. Feeling my space, the clarity and revelations in my body electric. Letting the intuitive lifeforce have it’s way with me. It’s been a little rad, all this aliveness. It’s as though I’ve reached a clearing, cresting a ridge in the […]

Washed in bliss daily
10th Aug 2010Posted in: Text 0

A postcard from last fall, and a message for those in the Return of Saturn: As I remained horzontal under layers of poofy down and heavy wool, I thought about what I learned from the icy rings of Saturn to share with a dear friend who’s found that great planet in his orbit recently. I […]