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Ala Mode
31st Jul 2011Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

“Do not wait for life. Do not long for it. Be aware, always and at every moment, that the miracle is in the here and now.” – Marcel Proust The waves of summer’s happenings are going swimmingly here at HQ, where everyday is a 5 star day, the studio feels like a spa, and co-conspirator […]

life a la mode: eat dessert first
10th Jul 2011Posted in: Text 1

Last night, while walking down Pearl Street after devouring the cuppa magic that is an affogado, two fellow artists (and devourers of life) and I ruminated on the meaning of ‘a la mode.’ Meaning at once “with ice cream on top or on the side” and “the current trend,” it is a rich word to […]

hello summer: tart cherry coconut ice cream with port reduction
2nd Jul 2011Posted in: Text 0

Today I was transported great distances without leaving 2 miles from my home: a hike over the ridge this morning, looking out to the green green foothills of flagstaff and chatauqua looked not-from-here; time spent at a new (to me) cafe was full of bright new faces, heartfelt conversations, and the enjoyment of a frothy […]

note to self, on a box of chocolates
8th May 2011Posted in: Text 1

“baby, go full mast: your ship is sailin on an amazing voyage in magical seas. remember: everything rhymes with chocolate.” xo, your heart

Inspired by the Mast Brothers of Brooklyn: What’s your chocolate?
9th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 0

Earlier this week I came across a video about the Mast Brothers – the Brooklyn Chocolatiers – and it won my heart in a big way. I shared this with my favorite people and one friend wrote back: “I love this. I love the bagpipes. I love the beards. Quit your job. Sell your condo. […]

to be found
21st Nov 2010Posted in: Collage, Images 0
27th Sep 2010Posted in: Text 1

For a while now I’ve been wet dreaming about having The Better Than Sex Dessert Party. Boulder has so many wonderful delicious products and confections that it seems sinful to not indulge in such chocolate covered decadence with friends. So, while this soiree is still in the infancy of planning stages, here’s where I’m at so […]

oatmeal raisin sun seed cookies with almond butter
5th Sep 2010Posted in: Text 0

I’m prone to hearty cookie cravings about every few months – especially in the winter season. By ‘hearty’ I mean ‘mighty’ – a cookie with powerful, wholesome ingredients and no fluff. Something that could sustain you through thick and thin, long days, piles of snow and rugged trails. I made these ‘oatmeal raisin sun seed cookies with […]

Full flavor Friday
8th Aug 2010Posted in: Text 0

Friday’s flavor of the day was mildly incredible: Salted Chocolate – Cacao Crunch – Ginger Chunk Coconut Icy Creamy 2 cans full fat coconut milk 1/2 cup shredded coconut 1/2 cup cacao powder 1/3 cup honey 1/3 cup coconut oil 2 tsp sea salt 1/8 – 1/4 cup cacao nibs 1/2 – 3/4 cup candied […]

A tale of two sorbets
30th Jul 2010Posted in: Text 0

Armed with my cuisinart, sorbet comes in a close second when I need to create something edibly amazing. Here are two flavors that are like ambrosia to the palattes of those you share them with. Apricot-Honey-Ginger-Cinnamon Sorbet 15 apricots 1/2 cup honey juice of 1 lime pinch of salt dash or two of cinnamon small […]