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Just Add Breath: Climbing Out of the Crux of Fear
19th Jun 2011Posted in: Text 2

Last weekend was a turning point of epic proportions for me as I learned to really let go, trust and sink into the moment. In my mind it makes perfect sense, and I’ve witnessed it from working with so many horses over the years, but it was time for me to EMBODY that as a […]

The direction of your heart
10th Jun 2011Posted in: Text 0

Do you ever feel like you need Captain Jack Sparrow’s magic compass? “My compass…is unique.” “Unique here having the meaning of broken?” “True enough, this compass does not point north.” “…Where does it point?” “It points to the thing you want most in this world.”

What I learned about the Universe by practicing my model walk
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 1

A story of desire, and of cute underwear, 5″ heels, manifesting dreams, and striding out in your own brand of sustainable lifestyle design. Vision boards are common parlance in the visual life of my outer dreamscapes, adhered to the growing pages of my sacred black hard-bound journals, and often posted here. In the last edition […]

close to devotionalism, close to the sky: the salvific power of swings
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 2

About a month ago, my dearest fiery fairy friend called me out of the blue at twilight on a lovely warm evening and asked: “do you want to go for a walk?” I accepted without hesitation, as I’m always waiting for that sort of request. As with all time with her, it was luminous and […]

holy hearted-ness
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always there
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The Creative Practice: coming back to center
20th Mar 2011Posted in: Text 0

On days of mental fury, when everything feels mind-bottled, I seek spaces that remind me that I am a full-bodied percipient perceptible, not merely locked in my noggin. Turning to the central channel of the body fleshes my awareness out into the proprioceptors in my skin. 1. meditation – I am often deeply called to […]

New Moon Manifest Sessions for a starlit eve in downtown Boulder
27th Feb 2011Posted in: Text 1

New Moon Manifest Eves at the Boulder Studio The new moon is a most auspicious time for planting new seeds of intention, and a little fearless creative play gives those intentions room to grow. To join us for an evening to invoke the magic of intention through the creative medium of collage and move towards what’s […]

Go out and Happen to things
27th Feb 2011Posted in: Text 0

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Be a Startisan
31st Jan 2011Posted in: Newsletters, Text 0

Be a Startisan We love words as much as raw chocolate truffles here at HQ where we believe in our daydreams and concoct beverages to match (see also: Dolce & Cabana Boy). This year, we’ve learned that 54% of Iceland’s population “won’t deny” the existence of elves, and we’re stoked about words about the undeniable fire […]