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Here Comes The Sun – acrylic on 48×60″ canvas $1275
27th May 2012Posted in: Canvas, Images 1
‎Mindfully Becoming: Life is a feast of ‘nows’
10th Jul 2011Posted in: Text 1

‎”The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love. Born out of concern for all beings.” – Buddha Where you are and where you want to be […]

What I learned about the Universe by practicing my model walk
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 1

A story of desire, and of cute underwear, 5″ heels, manifesting dreams, and striding out in your own brand of sustainable lifestyle design. Vision boards are common parlance in the visual life of my outer dreamscapes, adhered to the growing pages of my sacred black hard-bound journals, and often posted here. In the last edition […]

close to devotionalism, close to the sky: the salvific power of swings
11th Apr 2011Posted in: Text 2

About a month ago, my dearest fiery fairy friend called me out of the blue at twilight on a lovely warm evening and asked: “do you want to go for a walk?” I accepted without hesitation, as I’m always waiting for that sort of request. As with all time with her, it was luminous and […]

brightest of the bunch
9th Apr 2011Posted in: Collage, Images 0
Starring Role
9th Apr 2011Posted in: Collage, Images 0
always there
2nd Apr 2011Posted in: Collage, Images 0
the fire signs – acrylic on (4) 16×20″ canvas – SOLD
8th Mar 2011Posted in: Canvas, Images 0
A reminder, from the Self
12th Feb 2011Posted in: Text 0

I was having “one of those” days this week in which I couldn’t see past my nose. It took s few strokes of magic encounters to remove the blinders, and after perusing through the journal that commenced at the end of my 29th year, I found this little ditty: a wonderful pep-talk to ease all […]

Sacred vessels of light
19th Jan 2011Posted in: Text 1

“When you transcend light, all you see is an illusion.” I crossed “body photography” off my 2010 to-do list last year on Thanksgiving. It was a day of luminous flow to celebrate the body with yoga, chocolate and some ceremonial singing bowl before the body of work happening began. I’ve always been rather comfortable in […]