sweet release
15th Jul 2012Posted in: Text 0
sweet release

I wrote this in my journal after a long weekend in the studio at the end of May, while working on a piece that was working on me. – Ali

What is this – this attachment (!) to a moment, a piece, a desire stuck and fixated for fear of losing it; of ruining that something as if all sweetness would cease to flow if a movement were to affect adversely a moment on canvas or lived-in-flesh. A drip – a wash over – a breaking a perfect silence. That perfection – that piece – that moment – we fear to touch is our holding back. Be still, then. And release that moment, that piece, from any mental glue. Be still – and feel the flow as you reach for that color; as you touch the canvas with wet paint on your fingers; as you feel the words leave you, unbottled, pure.

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