Spring Manifesting: Postcards from the Horizon Line
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Spring Manifesting: Postcards from the Horizon Line

Hi! You look beautiful today. There’s much manifesting here at HQ. Here’s the latest. Peace & Cookies – Ali

Postcards from the Horizon Line

Tidings from the edge of transformation and wonder, where we play with the light of the universe everyday. The luxurious flurry of freshly flown months were full of feathers, flying dreams and falling stars. You might be wondering what’s blazing in the creative inferno here at HQ as of late. Here’s a little cuppa magic to satiate sparks of curiosity:

After we last connected, on September 1, I spoke to a packed house at the Boulder Theater for Ignite Boulder 16 about “Plus Less Than Three: The Algorithm of An Amazing Life.” In cast you missed it those heroic 5 minutes, the video and the transcript live here, for posterity.

Among the many turnings here at HQ last autumn, my soul and savvy took root at the office of Quick Left in support of their amazing team of web engineers and software consultants. Here, I get to work with the coolest kids on the internets.

My paint brushes and canvases moved from the second floor Pearl Street art studio to a cozy alley studio/tree-house studio shared with the luminous Sarah Kinn. We’re collaborating on spring shows to inspire and celebrate our art. I will let you in on the deets, soonish.

On March 2, I read this little ditty on the stage at sold-out The Nomad Theater for The (powerful) Body Poetry Slam, to benefit the Boulder Youth Body Alliance.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Miriam Meima and I have joined forces to bring you The Amazing U Podcast in which we dish tips and tools to learn to thrive. Stay tuned for episode details, how to get your paws on stickers, cozy THRIVE*shirts and additional resources at

How have you been shining? Ready to manifest your deepest desires? Honor those creative impulses – and your deep self – by bringing them to life. This spring, I’m sharing my inspiring, joyous drive for igniting soul fires to conflagrate with 5 lucky stars who are ready to turn on their creative synergy at the heart of life – and make dreams come ALIVE. The Manifest Sessions are back – and the details are here.

You have a unique fingerprint, a soul-writ map of purpose in your paws, traceable by the flow of desire guiding you through the territory of lived experience. Open your heart to the intuitive pulsing within, and follow that. That’s the secret ingredient.

Like a bird taking off and landing,

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Chief Manifester of Auspicious Projects, who loves all that giggles, glitters, gallops, and your brilliant spirit.

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