sink into the canoe within you
5th Jun 2011Posted in: Text 1
sink into the canoe within you

Yesterday while enjoying the early evening sun on my dear artist friend Betsy Gill’s back porch, we were each draped in a classic butterfly chair, catching up and getting parasympathetic.

“I feel like I should be in a canoe right now,” she said. “with my feet draped over the sides into the water.”

And while she contemplated getting a bucket to plop each foot into from the butterfly seat, it brought back all the memories I’d had in the canoe. I named my ship the Dragonfly Ripple, and there was nothing better in my mind than paddling down the mighty Chip’ with some of my besties. Some afternoons overflowed the banks with laughter, and some were more contemplative, letting the subtle shush of the river and the cascading drips of the rising paddle float us onward to Caryville.

I remember one early evening in the canoe vividly with each cell of my being. Seated in back, the warmth of the lowering sun warmed my skin and a slight breeze eddied around my body in a way felt so deeply it gave rise to goosebumps. Through closed eyes, what I sensed was an enveloping embrace or the breath of the divine. It held the space for an internal calm and sense of knowing about the perfectness of the momentous present. It was a vibe I tuned into much that summer whether on a hike or on horseback, and it always brought me ‘home’ and soothed fried and frayed nerves. It was as though that breeze said: “Know that I am here, and know that you are loved wherever you are.”

That deep well of wisdom instilled the sense of relaxed-at-ease, such a shift from a space my mind inhabits when it directs the ship with deadlines and lists of things I should be doing – vs. how I’m feeling and what my body wants to do at this very n.o.w. And with that is the shift into a mindframe of ‘there’s nothing to do, because there is nothing that needs to be done.’

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