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“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” – Theodore Dreiser

We’re steeping in the inner sanctuary as belly laughs, long walks and sweet tunes ripple through our summer skin here at the studio of all things auspicious. New, exciting projects are coming to fruition like a full-bodied peach tree. While it feels like a dream between then and now, I realize that everything has led me to this place.

I’ve always held that art and tech belong together, in multifarious ways, and that we must embody our humanity in this very digital age – to keep one foot in the forest, to remember what’s coded in our flesh and bone. The arts and nature provide soul-nourishment and expand our ability to connect deeply to a greater wholeness. They are a lifeline that enriches and shapes the culture in which we are part and parcel. (See also: Unplug | Rechage)

In that vein, here’s a taste of what I’m co-creating lately:

ARTOLOGY 101: Spun out of monthly talks with a savvy handful of artist-friends I’ve been meeting with for over a year – Sarah KinnCatherine Pistone-Cooper, and Laura Tyler – ARTOLOGY is a series of 3 discussions to raise awareness of the art culture in Boulder. Our first event is on September 19, 2013, at a new co-working space in the 15th St. Design district with a conversation on all things ‘Collecting.’ Details forthcoming.

Infinite Wisdom + S’mores: In line with my mission to help folks connect to their truest self @ work, I’ve entered into an exciting new partnership with so much heart dedicated to change the culture of work with an agnostic toolkit of human wisdom for leaders.Sam Elmore, Michael Rich, Jerry Colonna and I formed “Leadership ReBoot: Reboot your work. Reboot your life.” and are curating our first event for leaders – the much anticipated “CEO Bootcamp” October 3-6, 2013.

On my trails, I’ve found that a commitment to the journey to “Know Thyself” takes you on a path to your soul, layer by layer, through the varying topography of your heart. This sacred path offers a resilient safe haven to return to, to dig down deep into the inner work that enriches life. When you lead your life from that place, grace rides along with you.

Wishes & Whinnys,

Who wants to lead retreats in lands of natural hot springs, have weeks without ‘Mondays’ and ride a big white horse named Dreamcicle.

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