Pedaling Art
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Pedaling Art

I was checking in on the Tweeter last night and found this link from @bogusky: http://ads2art.weebly.com/snag-a-panel.html. It is about a rad program called Ads2Art which is accepting applications for 50 selected artists to snag a panel and artify some bike-basketry: “So, spread the word and let’s make this a great example of how art can inspire even more as it leaves the gallery and hits the streets. All original art work will go to the buyers and reproductions will be applied to the bikes. All proceeds generated at auction go to B-cycle.”

So naturally, I shared with them a link to my work and a blurb about why I’d love to be a part of this. I saved it for posterity. So without further ado, here ’tis:

I work in mixed media – pixels, paint, text and image. I adore the idea of art instead of ads – it’s very guerrilla artsy, and I’ve been known to do my fair share of bizarre rubber chicken installations around town in that spirit.

Art is where one’s ideas enter the world to be felt and perceived by another; it’s a way to meet people in a way that precedes the written word, to drum up a little stirring in the soul and evoke some engagement from that place.

To be engaged on that level can be uplifting, in tune with a spirit, a creative force that is tied to the imagination, which is tied at once to body and to visions of the future into which we are all bodying forth. The physicality of pedaling art about town in balance, on a momentous vision for the future, can transport the ‘all-of-us’ (collectively, individually; imagination, flesh; self, other) into a radical potentiality for transportational transformation –
cycling  –
Onward into our dreams, I say.

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