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“Living without our soul leave an ache in our belly that nothing else can fill. When you connect more consciously with your soul, her wisdom and grace will help you with everything in your busy life. Soul work isn’t another “thing” you have to “do” in your life. It is your life.” – Sera Beak

‘Tis the season for heartlights here at Auspicious Projects, where the stars seem more twinkly in the midnight sky, my lariat has temporarily transformed into a wreath and the spirit of the bear is close and cozy in my bones. I have big news.

Magic and miracles have flooded my year in ways unimagined, yet desired. (A nod to the beauty of how the universe works.) I found that when you open to the flow of life, great things happen.

Our CEO Bootcamp held this past October at Devil’s Thumb Ranch was transformative for all involved. As facilitators, our hearts were blown open by how our participants showed up. For me, I was knocked into a new orbital – and a deeper connection with my work.

My coaching practice has been just as fulfilling as I witness clients make big shifts to align with their truest selves. It’s powerful and moving. I am grateful for this work that flows from me, and wondered how to make it accessible to more people longing for this sense of re-connection, for an authentic life.

It is on that sweet note that I bring you The Metamorphosis Spa: A 12 week Journey of Discovery & Renewal, just in time for the new year. Details below. Please share with those you think will be of benefit.

I am eternally grateful, to the moon and back, for your support – and your light.


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The Metamorphosis Spa: A 12 week Journey of Discovery & Renewal

For those wondering what else is possible, ready to explore a new way of being and commit to creating an authentic life.

“The furthest you will ever travel is the distance between your head and your heart.”

The Metamorphosis Spa is a 12 week coaching series for the soul, for re-discovering your true self, for finding clarity and transitioning with grace into a life you’ve been dreaming of.

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