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23rd Mar 2013Posted in: Newsletters, Text 1
Like This

“If anyone wants to know what “spirit” is, or what “God’s fragrance” means,
lean your head toward him or her. Keep your face close. Like This.” – Rumi

Welcome to another musing on ‘that which makes your soul sparkle’ from Auspicious HQ, where all the stardust around here adds extra shine and we encourage you to take off your shoes and stay a while.

I was recently asked my favorite Q to A: What is your connection to spirit? My giddy response went a little like this:

‘My connection to spirit is my creative flow. It is feeling, trusting and knowing the truth of an original impulse, and following it. Claiming that truth is the deepest way to honor my Self, my soul. To stand in my truth in those moments is to stand in my power. And, the best relationships – the 1+1=3 kind – come from that very place.’ It’s where I cross over my edge into authentic presence. It’s a place bright with possibility.’

My creative practice is to align with that presence, and listen to the wisdom there. Following my intuitive impulse by leaning into what excites my cells, leads to ‘a river of joy’. Allowing my life-force to flow comes with a greater sense of connection and open heartedness. It’s what I like to call radical aliveness.

It’s a beautiful thing, that. As if you’re moving into the vivacity of life that’s calling you into it. All you need to do is open up and let it in, for it’s as close as your breath. You and your creative spirit are |like this| after all.

What’s new? Glad you asked…

Chiasm, featured above, is the latest piece from the studio. It’s gouache and gesso on a 5×4′ custom built canvas. I mused about it, and what I was thinking of while working on it here.

An interview about the creative life: Brittany Ansay, a local artist and technologist attuned to the heart of life, talked to me about balancing being a creative and leading in other more structured ways. She wrote about the importance of Following Your Creative North Star on her blog.

Speaking of Leadership, tell all your friends about the Creative Leadership Retreat with Horses on June 8. It’ll be a day of an amazing experience you’ll never forget.

Have you heard? I’m offering 30 minute consults at no cost these days for anyone curious, courageous and wondering how to open up to the flow of an amazing life.

Shine on you crazy diamond,

… who shampoos with Angel Wash, is due for a hair-cute and is dancing better with the divine every day.

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  1. Shannon says:

    So, Shannon Paige introduced me to that Rumi poem a few years ago. It’s such a favorite, and such a reminder of the power of our lived experience. Thanks for writing about your connection to spirit. Engaging that question is a major project for me right now. Hearts!

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