Lean In
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Lean In

“since feeling is first / who pays any attention / to the syntax of things / will never wholly kiss you;” – ee cummings

We’re expanding in our creative flow here in the studio of all things auspicious and thinking about getting a cuddly eight-legged critter to doll up the terrarium. Surprises from Alaska keep showing up on the doorstep, as if dreams are coming true right under our nose. I say: if the shoe fits, wear it.

The way dreams unfold is a journey from soul to sole – where you touch the earth and connect to the heavens, and channel that energy into the moment. I tend to greet the daily adventure with a vow to show up in accordance with my maxim ‘to show up and be rad’ for whatever arises. It’s a simple commitment that allows great things to happen.

What’s happening? A whole lot of goodness, soon:

May 3, 7-9 pm. IN THE COLORS: An Opening for Ali and SarahJoin Sarah Kinn and I for a night of ‘Art, Live Music, Vino, + You’ as we show our latest works from the studio on May’s First Friday from 7-9pm @ Jetty’s Espressoria. The show will be hanging through May.

May 17, 6-9:30 pm. Boulder Startup Week’s Art + Culture event @ BMoCA
The amazing Sarah Jane of Techstars and I have curated a Friday night of art + culture for Boulder Startup Week. We’ve orchestrated an evening of dance, music, storytelling and laughs in a collaboration of BSW+BMoCA. Come experience Boulder’s culture at it’s finest as Tara Rynders and her troupe dance among us, Harper Phillips sings us a song (or a dozen), and Playback Theater West enacts the Boulder Startup Story as told by Boulder’s legendary personalities in the tech scene. (details here, soon!) Just another evening you won’t want to miss.

June 8, 9:30-4 pm. Creative Leadership Retreat with horses, of course. Ready to be a leader in life? Come discover the seat of creativity and tap your greatest strength in vulnerability. The horses can’t wait meet you.

Merrily, Merrily,

…who knows that a fabulous muse is the best accessory. A sweet pair of shoes doesn’t hurt either…


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