Leading the Way
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Leading the Way

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” – Erich Fromm

Radiant wishes from the deep peace of winter, where our heart has been cracked open by the fire, we’re holding all the right cards, and there is no separation between art and life. In the honeyed richness of this human experience ripe with stories of wranglers and warrior-like moments, laughter and merriment ensue on a regular basis. And so goes the hum of business unusual at Auspicious HQ.

My favorite topic du jour is the creative life and what it takes to have an amazing one in which you are living in integrity with your truth, daring greatly to play with the unknown and willing to unblock the flow of joy within you. All the while, being a positive force of good in the world and empowering others in your wake. This requires a connection to life, heartfelt and authentic decisions and courage make it happen.

It reminds me of being a cowgirl – in which empathy, communication, vulnerability and bravery were all skills handier than the leatherman in my back pocket when it came to relating to another species that relied on me for clarity and direction. Turns out, all those lessons my equine teachers nudged into me have circled back into my work-life as an authentic leader. I’m over the moon to have roped the loves of my life – creativity and horses – together this June as I’ve teamed up with Jean-Jaques Joris of Twin Oaks Farm to create a Creative Leadership Retreat with Horses on June 8. Please join us. Details here.

What my four-legged guides showed me was that the greatest journey is the journey inward, for it is there that the best discovery is to be had, and where the golden treasure longs to be found. It’s where, in the words of Mary Oliver, “the stars burned through sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own.” And, that is the seat of your creative power.

Meanwhile back at the studio, there’s a cup of magic brewing. C’mon over:

New Pieces: My little painting in a variation on a theme of red for BMoCA’s red wall for February included my most favorite breathless literary fragment. (And, it sold. Congraulations, Shannon!) Then, an evening of creative play inspired by my latest art-crush, brought about ‘Chiasm‘ the latest big piece from the studio, which had the M-word ascribed to it by my accomplished studio mate.

Trading cards, an artist statement, thank you notes – Oh my! I’ve posted my artist statement up on my site along with information for purchasing, and have a stack of art postcards of the latest colorful canvasses. If you want some trading cards, send me a note with deets on where to send them, and I’ll ship some out to you faster than you can say ‘happiness in an envelope.’ A recent shipment of art and postcards further West returned to me a sweet note of gratitude: “I love the pics in my house. It all makes me happy. Magically happy because I’m not normally happy. Instant spellbinding mood alterations.”

Ready to make strides and answer the call of the creative life force coming through you? I’m offering up more individual coaching sessions this year for greater clarity, direction and creative empowerment in support of you, your work, your soul.

Hoofbeats & heartbeats,
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