Invocations for Emerging
3rd Apr 2014Posted in: Text 0
Invocations for Emerging

Bootcamp began last night. It’s snowing wildly up here at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. And, yet it’s the second week of April. All this snow-covering seems superfluous to our bodies that might have a case of the ‘jumping beans’ to get out and get going with this year of the wood horse. I know I’m tired from schlepping through remainder of winter, and I also see the opportunity and reminder for laying “fresh tracks,” in my whole way of being it seems. In a long journaling session yesterday morning, I ended on a poem which I read as a toast during bootcamp.


Spring teaches us about thoroughgoing.

Snow melts, green emerges –
and all winter, we’ve been stirring
in a place close to home –
the place where spirit meets bone.
before that aliveness rises out into the world
Only you have a sense of that pulse within you, what’s happening in that space.

And here we are – together – in the space between the melt and the emergence.
This snow-covering asking us to root down, – to dig into the muddy flesh of the earth, of us –
(even more)
to go deeper into ourselves –
so that what emerges has strength.

We are forming our roots with
what is inherently present.

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