Inspired by the Mast Brothers of Brooklyn: What’s your chocolate?
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Inspired by the Mast Brothers of Brooklyn: What’s your chocolate?

Earlier this week I came across a video about the Mast Brothers – the Brooklyn Chocolatiers – and it won my heart in a big way. I shared this with my favorite people and one friend wrote back: “I love this. I love the bagpipes. I love the beards. Quit your job. Sell your condo. Do what you love to do. These guys are an inspiration.” I’d be lying if I didn’t have similar sentiments – and if I didn’t order a lot of chocolate from Brooklyn, NY – after watching this (3x).

At dinner last night, I was talking about how this video sparked my creative inferno so much and what I wanted to do with it all and where and with whom to make amazing things. My dinner mate wondered what that would be for her – after stuffing the pie of life full with things to do. It’s always the challenge, that. The whirlwind of life can sweep you up in a current that feels like an undertoe or eddy, barely keeping yourself above water. But where is the heart in all of this flow? In a big way, that’s our life line. After a quiet moment, my dinner partner said, “that’s a good question: What’s my chocolate?”

A delicious question, indeed. Let the Mast Brothers set your inspiration a sailin on an adventure of the fiercely independent spirited kind. And let this question melt in your mouth: What’s YOUR chocolate?

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

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