Inspiration – and first friday at Prana Boulder
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Inspiration – and first friday at Prana Boulder

“Are you barely breathing and calling it a life?” Mary Oliver

We’ve been stepping up our time on the mat here at HQ, where things have been transpiring in the substratum of our beingness as of late, and we’ve been told our handwriting looks like an ancient text. Paired with a good starlit sit on the Zafu and magical discoveries of neighborhood swings strung from big trees under the rich celestial spheres of spring, we’re playing with the pureness of spirit entwined within ourselves – and breathing deeply.

Every inhale that expands your lungs makes room for inspiration – to be filled with spirit, to be alive. In Sanskrit, atman means breath and soul, that essence of self as it relates to the Source. And, prana means life force, the breath of life, the cosmic energy from the sun that connects the elements of the universe.

The cycle of your breath that fills the shores of your body electric is brimming with information about where you are in this moment, right about now. The breath is a constant turning – but we always trust its arrival. It is the one clear sign of the spirit pulsing in you, engaged in you, so you can engage in the world full of your one wild and precious life.

Stop in and see me this Friday at the Prana Gallery to celebrate vibrance and all that blossoms. (more info below.)

Breathe in the love,

who bought her first pair of Prana Asana pants a decade ago at Barrel Mountaineering in Bozeman, MT, and after countless bales of hay, muddy pastures, sweaty horses, long hikes, down dogs and bound warriors – they still look like new.

PS. First Friday at the Prana Boulder Gallery (!) from 6-8 pm. Come in the spirit of spring and see the botanical photographs (much larger than life), new work, and pieces from the Cloud Forest Series.

PPS. New Moon Manifest Session @ the Boulder studio this Sunday from 7-9. Register here. Root down your intentions for this moon cycle, and begin living more deeply, on purpose.

“Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.” – Wassily Kandinsky

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