Incantations for the New Year
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Incantations for the New Year

2013 was the year of the snake. The thing about snakes is that when they shed their skin, they cannot crawl back in them. Here are some incantations for this new year, as we step out in our new skins. 

I wrote these wishes for the sacred heart in my life that inspired them. And, while meaning is sinuous in these lines, spun and captured from co-created moments, they may hold greater resonance – as wishes to all the brilliant spirits ready to catch the wave of 2014. It is in that spirit that I wanted to share these with your sacred heart, too. 

May the sacred fire in your heart remind you
of the breath that is breathing you.

May gratitude for doors closing and opening
flood your awareness.

May the earth hold you
in the groundlessness.

May the deep peace of the flowing water
nourish your lifeforce.

May the wind carry you
on a journey to rival any destination.

When you look to the sky,
may the heavens gaze back at you in wonder
and remind you of all that is just beyond the horizon.

May adventure, bravery and creativity fill your spirit.

May your presence be your momentous guide
and biggest gift.

May joy be the path you choose to take.

May you behold more sweetness and light,
and shooting stars.

And when abundance fills your bowl –
may you not lose your soup spoon in the depths of all that goodness.

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