IN THE COLORS: Art Opening May 3
21st Apr 2013Posted in: Text 1
IN THE COLORS: Art Opening May 3

The April snow showers around here are bringing forth amazing colors, I can feel it. Sarah Kinn & I just hung our art yesterday for a show on First Friday May at Jet’s Espressoria. It looks gorgeous. I took a pic of my wall below. Sarah’s work is just as wonderfully, joyfully color-laden – and stroked with gold. I just love it.

The opening is called IN THE COLORS. Join us on May 3, 2013, from 7-9pm at Espressoria (2116 Pearl St.). It’ll be brilliant. We’ll have live music, vino, and Jetty is keeping the cafe open for desserts and cafe beverages. I might be sportin’ some cute new shoes that came as a haute surprise-surprise delivery from Alaska, and looking forward to seeing your shine!



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