Ignite those creative bones…
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Ignite those creative bones…

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci

We keep holy the daily hike and put romaine and avocados in our smoothies here at HQ, because our creative bones are the anatomy of our dreams, and we vow to nourish them (see also: Crazy Sexy Bodies make Crazy Sexy Art) as a dedication to our creative practice.

Genius arises in spontaneity. Based on my unorthodox but widely accepted philosophy that the fearless creative play is the operating dynamic of the co-creative universe, it’s a fabulous practice for bringing out your best work.

And, it’s ubiquitous. Everywhere moments are ripe with possibility, revealing what was once hidden from view and making new constellations and bigger happenings. You’ll know it by the excitement of all neurons firing in your body electric. (Practical magic, that.)

Follow that energy.
Ali's stellar signature move
usually in yoga pants and ready to play.

PS. I make collages frequently to see what my soul has to say. I like to do little ones in my journal (The Book of Ali, now on Volume 2), and I follow this practice in accordance with the rhythm of the moon. Not only is this a magical practice – it’s a good way to flex your creative muscle.

You DO have creative bones – let’s find them! Come play at the Spring Manifest Workshops in Boulder and Denver to plant your intentions for the year with a vision board. Water with some fearless creative play and give those dreams room to grow with New Moon Starlit Eves in the Boulder Studio (info here)Weekend Afternoons in Denver’s Art District (more info here).

PPS. Don’t forget to work your *callipygian assests: The HIVE takes a HIKE third Thursday mornings – at 7:30 from the Mt. Sanitas valley trailhead. Join me for a brisk twalk and get your body electric glowing – it helps the creative flow….

Striding out Thursday March 17! Email or txt me if you’re coming, and I’ll be sure to wait up.

(*cal·li·pyg·i·an adj.: Having well-shaped buttocks.)

“Every step is a new possibility.” – Peggy Dyer

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