I think you’re magic…
29th Dec 2013Posted in: Text 0
I think you’re magic…

Studio Doodles – as they are affectionately called – happen more often than not in the studio. Little pieces and fragments will catch my attention and I’ll putz and fuss and test possibilities. Not being attached to an outcome frees up my mind to try new things and push edges.

And – et voila! – sometimes cuteness happens.

I usually give these little doodles away as gifts, or to the first person who falls head over heels in love with a piece. I love it when I know my work affects people and will be enjoyed upon each glance. That’s the beauty of art. The delight in that gaze is the stuff love is made of (“…the truth of the imagination and the holiness of the heart’s affections…” I think Keats said.)

This is one of those pieces. Inspired by a line by Frida Kahlo (via my triple-artisan morning-laughter-hike adventure buddy, Heather Cherry), fragments that fell into a recent collage work, a sacred heart who fluttered into my life with good taste in music, stars and the number 7, and a deep longing to hear these words uttered to me.

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