Happy Endings
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Happy Endings

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“When someone quotes the old poetic image / about clouds gradually uncovering the moon, / slowly loosen knot by knot the strings / of your robe. / Like this.” ~ Rumi

Life continues to be an exponentially amazing adventure here at HQ, where we keep pushing our edges into the great unknown and raise the bar on our Happiness Quotient in the process. It pays to wash my cells in bliss daily as I go full mast on this magical voyage and ease into the rhythm of the journey, finding a chillaxed solace in the moment by letting it all in – one breath at a time.

Spring was filled with dream inspired artart inspired by bikes and rich lessons in climbing out of the crux of fear. I found my thoughts tangled into knots, to the point that my muchness was on the line, so much so that I was barely breathing and calling it a life. A sticky place, that; all consuming and paralyzing. So I turned to the sacred-hearted truth of my creative agency and discovered a previously unimagined sense of radical aliveness that keeps getting better.

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it,” said Bill Cosby. Moving through fear towards what I wanted was a choice with a freedom-filled after-taste that tingled with effervescent excitement for uncomfortably amazing spaces of uncharted territory. Happiness was there to meet me, ready to fill me up, when I stopped shoulding on myself.

Like Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass, your heart will lead you to what you want most. Honor that, and follow that, with a fierce commitment to the innate joy of the human experience.

Give me that horizon,

who believes in mysticism, pirates, the pursuit of human excellence, the zen of a 10-pitch climb, the neuroplasticity of the human mind, and that life is a creative adventure.

PS. Ready to be fearless?

There are 3 ways to play Manifest-Style and live deeply delightful this summer:

Download The Inspiration book 2.0: It’s still free, just more abundantly vibrant.

Book A Date with a Dream: Enjoy the happiest hours of Friday eve at the downtown Boulder studio for some creative soul food while collaging a vision of what you want most.

Schedule Creative Consulting for your to empower, inspire and direct your creative spirit.

Look out for the collage of inspiration pedaling around town on Boulder B-cycle bike basket!

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