dream inspired art
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dream inspired art

“What was that amazing dream you had a few weeks ago, Schultz?” the famous artist Johnny Lace asked.

“Oh, the floating chicken lantern dream? It went like this,” I said as I closed my eyes and channeled that vision again. “I found myself outside in the freshness of air at the top of the Sanitas Valley Trail in the morning sun, looking to the north into the Lace-blue-sky. I saw floating bird houses of varying shapes,styles and sizes. They were cute and quirky and refurbished-ish. I turned around to face down the trail and hovering towards me were chicken lanterns – paper lanterns abstractly shaped and colored like white hens with orange beaks, reddish things around their heads, all floating up the hill. The sun was bright and the day was warm. I walked briskly down the hill and saw a horde/herd of people wearing brightly colored, flowy, ‘thunder-only-happens-when-its-raining-esque outfits running up the hill with ease. I ran down the hill, through them. Once I reached the bottom, I found myself in a room with a huge vat of chocolate which I soon immersed myself in.”

“I want to paint that.” he said.

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