Doorway of Imagination
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Doorway of Imagination

Howdy! With much ado post Mid-Summer’s Eve in the hazy shade summer, here’s a quarterly report from the heart to remind you that 1.) these are indeed the days of miracle and wonder, and 2.) the universe is unfolding as it should. XO & Cookies – Ali

“As we make ourselves, we make the universe.” – Lynda Sexson, Ordinarily Sacred

It’s no secret how much we love bliss here at Auspicious HQ, where we tell mythic love stories and live them out with more panache than ever before. Everyday is a practice of relaxing into a gentle pas de deux with the light of all the season’s growing hours.

Watching butterflies taste flowers with their feet and feeling the creek running between my toes, I’m reminded that change can happen as softly, sweetly and joyfully as I wish. Perhaps summer’s heat teaches us – like the ancient Hindu story of Garuda the eagle – that “impatience is the only sin.” No sense in rushing it. After all, it’s in that flow of uncertainty where creativity dwells and those moments are succulent. The beauty is that we’re in that flow, too – at play there. Sacred pauses are rich spaces in which to steep.

Follow the deep moving joy,

Creative Conspirator, who galloped across some amazing custom built canvases recently with paint brushes in hand….

PS. The power of the creative imagination always amazes me. Lately, when I close my eyes I see paintings I’ve never seen before. And when I’m in the presence of a blank canvas, I never know what’s going to happen – I just go with the flow of first impulses. Meanwhile at the studio, many pieces found wonderful homes this spring, and the paint has dried on the freshest pieces of the season (see below). These emerged from a place of play that felt familiar and surprising at once. Created over the course of a month, each piece worked with me as much as I worked with it. I carried them with me – embodied – in theme and presence while each one came to life. The moments of connection these canvases led me to felt akin to a religious experience more than once. They are hanging in my home gallery, along with others, and are offered for purchase.

Memory – 4×4′ acrylic on canvas

Starfragments – 4×6′ acrylic on canvas

Who Is Who – 5×5′ acrylic on canvas

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