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My birthday is this week. I usually start celebrating 2 months before and continue about 1 month after. It’s a big time for me. I reflect a lot on what I’ve done. Then I ask: What do I want to continue to do? What do I want to stop doing? What do I want to start doing? This year feels like a big turning, a big shift, in particular.

I drafted this chronology of notable moments for a new site I was working on for Auspicious Projects. It’s a site re-design that has been scrapped many times this past year. There was something about this piece that I wanted to have for post-erity, so I share it here – with a cute image created just for it of scenes from my memory bank. It seemed fitting as a part of the reflections on this great ride I’ve been on.


  • Cut from a star in a nearby galaxy and born on the cusp of a full moon in Virgo, I crawled out of my crib early on. My parents found me in the driveway once, watching the stars and listening to the secrets in the breeze at dawn.
  • I toted my favorite things along with me wherever I went. Began curating life around my values – and now convinced I was a shaman – at age 4.
  • Would sit on my grandmother’s kitchen counter and make pumpkin muffins. We never followed a recipe.
  • My grade school teachers put me next to the disruptive kids in class because I had a calming effect on them. I learned how to be a mediator in first grade.
  • Dad and I would tinker in the wood shop. He taught me how to use a bandsaw and I started creating things out of the scrap wood pile. Folks tell me they still have the gold-painted star ornaments I made them hanging in their homes year ’round.
  • In second grade, I went trail riding in Albuquerque, NM, with my aunt Dee and my cousin Michelle. Everyone else had saddle sores but me, which could only mean I was a natural horsewoman. This persisted as I started showing and won all my horsemanship classes. Deeply influenced by Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt firsthand and by my very first trainers and mentors. I got my first horse: a dappled morgan mare named Starfire. Together, we jumped many things unintentionally. She was followed by other pasture mates with equally dreamy names: Sophie, Fire’s Odyssey, Magic Carpet Ride, Phantasia Bey. We had a full barn and a full hayloft.
  • Began my morning walks. This ritual has persisted. Those early walks down the country road along the county line has turned into morning hikes to Mt. Sanitas. This is where my best insight and resolution and ideas come from.
  • Immersed myself into photography with a borrowed Minolta SLR and Fuji Reala slide film. Captured the horses and the light in the garden via macro perspectives. I almost became “Girl Who Hikes With Camera” when I studied in South West Montana, but the beauty of the place consumed me and the lens was coming between us. Left many amazing images to zen – and my paws free to snack on huckleberries.
  • Commissioned my first artworks from a local artist after reading the Transcendentalist’s soul-soaked connection to life. Between talking to the artist and reading Emerson, Thoreau and Whitman, I was convinced I’d met my tribe.
  • Got my first email account – earthnstars@… – and fell in love with the internet round about the same time I was seriously considering entering monastic life. Began life-coaching all my friends via digital correspondence and spiritual counseling.
  • Desired to study preventive medicine because I believed that when people are happy, health is immanent. enrolled in pre-med courses and realized that I was really drawn to attuning the soul to it’s purpose, not organic chemistry. So I paired science with religion in undergrad, and mastered in religious studies with the mystics, the Deep Ecologists, the Buddhists, the Tantrics. I played with the resonances of eros, play, imagination, body, desire, nature, culture and god. 1+1=3 became my new math. Life began to reverb with Keats’ line: “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections, and the truth of imagination.”
  • Entered my first yoga teacher training to deepen my practice even more.
  • Cried in front of a painting at the Dearborn-Reider Gallery on the Pearl St. Mall. Lived with all the Giclee posters of equine icons in varying titles of “White Horse #….” Met the artist in Santa Barbara 6 years later, after I learned that the White Horse is a symbol of the intuition in Hindu scripture.
  • Brought my muck-boots into the Ivory Tower and wrote a thesis with every fiber of my being (and the stray pieces of horse hair that came with) called: Becoming a Third Much Greater Thing: The Intertwining of Horse & Rider. Later turned it into a blog based on the notion that “Horses are Human Whisperers.” The rhythm of the horse runs through my veins, still.
  • 2005. Started Auspicious Projects because it was dying to be born. Guided individuals and small businesses to the full manifestation of engaging their core vision with the world via creative strategy, content curation & editing, website design & development. I soon learned my post was one of “Creative Therapist.”
  • 2008, Midsummer’s Eve. Wrote and published the first post on The Kissing Lessons, because as Shakespeare said: “The course of true love never did run smooth.” 400 (or so) charming vignettes on love followed suit in the five years unfolding thereafter.
  • 2010 was a creative explosion. Tim Burton at the MoMA; first Ignite Boulder talk on “Game Night: The closest distance between two people is a good laugh;” manifested The Manifest Sessions; wrote The Inspiration Book; sold my first painting; got commissioned for more. Began 2011 with an Art Opening. Inspiring hearts and every turn.
  • 2011: Spoke to a sold out Boulder Theater on The Algorithm of An Amazing Life. Joined the team at Quick Left.
  • 2012: Shared “A Simple Creature”  with a full-house at the Nomad Theater for a night of body-positive poetry.
  • 2013: set out to research “The Role of Spas in the Creative Process” and unite the Art+Tech scene in Boulder (and beyond) with Art & Culture events like Unplug | Recharge and conversations on art via ARTOLOGY.
  • Came home to a pair of Louboutins on my doorstep from a fan in Alaska. Been wishfully wanting a pair since 2004. Beginning to wonder about all those other requests I have out to the universe.
  • Dedicated to bringing an agnostic toolkit of human wisdom into the workplace to create truly sustainable, resilient and agile companies where people are connected to their truest selves @ work.
  • Met Jerry Colonna and began producing Leadership retreats for CEOs in the Colorado mountains. Creating life-changing work for leaders is an honorable body of work. So, we decided to start Reboot.io, too.
  • Currently: In love with Iceland and want a big white Andalusian to ride. If you ask me about the meaning of life (“So… what is this all about?”), I’ll look you square in the eyes and say “Cookies” with the spontaneity of a koan reply.


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