Changing images, changing gears: uncorking mind-bottledness
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Changing images, changing gears: uncorking mind-bottledness

I don’t know about you, but when I do too much thinking and not enough breathing, all that mental tension makes for some crazy-dreamtime-journeys filled with an equivalent amount of anxiety. I wake up feeling not-so-refreshed.

One of my favorite quotes to help me get unstuck, and one I use in The Inspiration Book, is: “If something is causing you emotional discomfort, you’re not thinking big enough.” When you’re in your head, bamboozled by your own storylines, mind-bottled, and not ‘here’, it helps to reflect on what fear or tension has the mental train off-track and breathe deeply.

If the current image (or story) of ‘what is’ is not working, or doesn’t feel right, it helps to see what is true in the moment and shift that image to something that works and feels better. Old images can be inflexible and create tension, yet for some reason we like to hang on to them for the sake of comfort, out of habit, or because we haven’t learned another way that makes the old non-functional patterns worth letting go.

Tension prohibits movement or shifts, whereas relaxation allows for a full range of movement – and opens the channel of intuition. Sometimes, it helps to voice the story to discover any underlying fears or patterns that might have you stuck.  When you find the edge that’s holding you back, it’s easier to release the boundary that was limiting the situation, but it requires that you can sit with that edge long enough to melt it. Like a warrior, you must move into the sensation and feel it all.

The body is barometer of truth is without story that can pull you into the NOW. “A map is more unreal than where you’ve been or how you feel,” sings Feist. By paying attention the the tension held in our body spaces, it becomes easier to remember that we have a body in the first place, and also to locate how wound-up thoughts can wind-up muscles. How you feel, or what the body says in the moment, is an undeniable truth.

Locating the tension in your body or in unvoiced fears is the key to melting those binding spaces. Once you’re listening to the body, you’re able to uncork the mind-bottle, loosen the knots of storylines, feel the support of your body and let each day be an adventure of unexpected surprises.

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  1. SO exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for being a vessel of truth, lady.

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