ARTology: A conversation on Collecting – September 19, 2013 @ Capitol
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I’m writing to invite you to a great conversation on art in Boulder. For over a year, a handful of artist-friends and I have been meeting in our studios once a month and connecting around our art. What has come out of our conversations is a larger conversation that we want to invite the art […]

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“Art is the stored honey of the human soul.” – Theodore Dreiser We’re steeping in the inner sanctuary as belly laughs, long walks and sweet tunes ripple through our summer skin here at the studio of all things auspicious. New, exciting projects are coming to fruition like a full-bodied peach tree. While it feels like […]

14 Things I Love About My Dad
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It’s father’s day and I’ve been feeling all appreciative about the great men in my life – from my dad to my ex-husband to my guy friends. Then, these words came through, with some gratitude tears of course, and I wanted to post them for posterity. 14 Things I Love About My Dad: 1. As […]

The spring of genius
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“Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” – Pietro Aretino Another passage from Parker Palmer’s book Letting Your Life Speak struck me a couple mornings ago. This one was about winter in the midwest. Something I can deeply relate to, as I learned that the winter will drive me mad until […]

We can, and we must.
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I’m currently reading Parker Palmer’s Letting Your Life Speak. It’s among the stack of books on my kitchen table that I reach into daily and crack open to see what wisdom it has to offer. One of the first pages the book flipped to on my walk home from the library was a passage on […]

Boulder Startup Week + BMoCA = Unplug | Recharge
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On May 17th, Sarah Jane Coffey and I presented the Boulder Startup Week event that we curated 2 months prior: an art and culture event that aimed to integrate the two creative communities in Boulder, tech and art. We wondered why the blending of these two cultures and scenes didn’t merge into one in this […]

Lean In
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“since feeling is first / who pays any attention / to the syntax of things / will never wholly kiss you;” – ee cummings We’re expanding in our creative flow here in the studio of all things auspicious and thinking about getting a cuddly eight-legged critter to doll up the terrarium. Surprises from Alaska keep […]

IN THE COLORS: Art Opening May 3
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The April snow showers around here are bringing forth amazing colors, I can feel it. Sarah Kinn & I just hung our art yesterday for a show on First Friday May at Jet’s Espressoria. It looks gorgeous. I took a pic of my wall below. Sarah’s work is just as wonderfully, joyfully color-laden – and […]

Being self-luminous
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Being self-luminous You cause everything to shine; Delighting in your form You fill the universe with delight; Rocking with your own bliss You make the whole world dance with joy. He who without hesitation Views all of this tangible world as your form, Having filled the universe With the form of his own self, Is […]

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