Boulder Startup Week + BMoCA = Unplug | Recharge
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Boulder Startup Week + BMoCA = Unplug | Recharge

On May 17th, Sarah Jane Coffey and I presented the Boulder Startup Week event that we curated 2 months prior: an art and culture event that aimed to integrate the two creative communities in Boulder, tech and art. We wondered why the blending of these two cultures and scenes didn’t merge into one in this amazing town we live in, so we decided to create it. It was a vulnerable act for us. We feel so strongly that the arts and culture must be supported by this bursting tech scene to preserve the heart and soul of our community – and to provide the much needed soul-nourishment that we all need whether we work in the tech-sector or not. The event came together so easily, it’s as if the universe wanted it to happen. On a whim, we decided to call it Unplug | Recharge. And,  we looked mighty cute if I do say so myself.


Here is footage of the first part of the event – the dancy part:

BSW+BMoCA+ Tara Rynders

boulderstart-YouTube sharing from Tara Rynders on Vimeo.

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