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The clock may be a soulless mechanism, but gift of time and presence light up the sky like divine revelation here at Auspicious Projects, where our desserts taste like 3 days of love on a spoon.

We vow to be awesome in every relationship, at interactions both digital and fleshy, which means being lit up and turned on to the creative powers vested in you as you body forth into the future calling you into it. As the center of your universe, your presence – online and off – connects to others and ripples through your love, life, art and work.

At present, the creative inferno at HQ is burning with magic and muchness and sparkles to share:

  • Swell + Stellar does Shine OnLine by weaving text and tech and spinning webs for artists getting their work into the world, beautifully.
  • Love.Life.Art.Work dishes up goodness delight with a cherry on top in between these letters of newsy bites, and promises to be a blog worth diving deeply into – like a tub of haute chocolat, with extra chantilly.
  • The Manifest Sessions spring workshop is brewing in a cauldron of fearless creativity and soulful insight for 4 lucky stars.
  • Our artworks washed the studio in bold colors, while the others are reflecting beauty at Jet’s Espressoria. (“Can they stay through March, too? I want them to hang longer…” Jetty, Espressoria owner.)

As beings in constant communion with the world, all we need is to let our experience rush in and fill us up – to live richly in all the details and textures. The innate joy in the fullness of your presence is there, waiting for you to feel it. When you live in touch with the deep wellspring of lifeforce pulsing within and align with your soul purpose, you glow from the inside out.

I made you something I made you something at the height of the last new moon, lest you forget that. The Inspiration Book is 30 pages of text and image for reflection on your soul and savvy. I can’t wait to hear how you like it. Disclaimer: It’s been known to inspire the pants off people.

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The impetus metamorphosis in the Manifesting Dept. whose penchant for cookies is less about hedonism and more about life’s inherent happiness.

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