Be a Startisan
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Be a Startisan

Be a Startisan

We love words as much as raw chocolate truffles here at HQ where we believe in our daydreams and concoct beverages to match (see also: Dolce & Cabana Boy). This year, we’ve learned that 54% of Iceland’s population “won’t deny” the existence of elves, and we’re stoked about words about the undeniable fire of excitement.

Exhibit A: startijenn (noun) \ star-tee-zhen \ “If you’re feeling amped, then you’ve got ‘startijenn.’ the word translates to “dynamism” in Breton, an ancient Celtic Language spoken in Brittany. Originally, startijenn signified vitality and spirit, but it can also indicate an energy-boosting beverage…”

Fizzle not the spark and sparkle of your genius we’ve got the elixirs to keep your soul awake:

Mixed media on the rocks: what better way to get stoked than getting your vision board together, you know, the one you’ve been waiting to do for-ever? Celebrate your intentions with A Manifest Soiree: gather your Besties and come to the studio for happy hours of creative spirits and manifesting. More details here >>

Creative Spa, anyone? Enter the HIVE v.2011 – the space for your ideas, the year for them to happen. It helps to start a fan club of compadres in the arts of the creativia spiritus to help root the plans of your soaring success. We’ll meet for an hour-or-so to be of assistance and support and primp details, massage ideas and glow about what you’re working on, with, and through. Cross pollinate thoughts with some good peeps and enjoy a smartini – or two. Happening monthly at 6pm on Third Thursdays starting in February at TONIC, downtown Boulder.

All abuzz about art: Peep more of the Cloud Forest Series on First Friday February (the 4th) at the Espressoria on Pearl from 6-8 pm for an evening of Art + Bluegrass to enjoy with your Bhakti and cookies. Music by The Magpies + Friends, cafe beverages by Jetty, art+cookies by yours truly.

I love it when you smile like that,


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