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Artify your life.
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Artify your life.

Art up your life with colorful canvases that tickle your soul. The art of living is near and dear to my heart and so is living with art. It makes any space feel inspired, posh and at least ten thousand times more creative. Looking for some sweet pieces to add to your collection? Ready to start a collection? Start here.

Every original canvas in my studio is the only one-of-it’s-kind, hand crafted with a little extra heart and soul full of pure play and momentous spontaneity. Thus, no reproductions or replicas. If you see it and love it, you might wanna make it yours sooner rather than later. Once you pick out your fave, consult the details below and connect with me here.

“I love the pics in my house. It all makes me happy. Magically happy because I’m not normally happy. Instant spell binding mood alterations.” – H. Haffey


I’m ready, willing and able to accept cash, paypal and credit card.


Each painting can be signed, sealed and delivered to your door. If you live in the Boulder-Denver Metroplex, I’m happy to deliver it for you. If your purchase requires shipping, those charges will be charged to you additionally. Pricing, shipping method and delivery time will be determined depending on the size of the painting and your specifications. All packages will be carefully packed and insured for the value of your order.


All sales are final. Because I know you’ll be over the moon once you hang the painting in your space.

Privacy Policy.

Your stuff is safe with me. Any personal information you provide will only be used to process your order, reply to you, or send you a cute note every once in a while to see how it’s hangin’. I will never ever share your deets with anyone or anything else.

Artist Statement.

The color and compositions I see when I close my eyes appear as if they are the soul’s impression in a moment of consciousness. Each canvas brings the light of play from a place where anything is possible. Bold color with white, iridescent and gold accents hint at a cosmic connection. Letters and poetic fragments that sometimes appear breathe another dimension, as if whispers from a dream.

There’s a sense of delight, at once breathtaking and inspiring; an inspiration that’s beyond charming. What is felt is a perception without words. Where the boundaries are blurred, as if the viewer is chiasm – the meeting space between inner and outer, individuation and pure consciousness. Looking awry, with a sense of the familiar, revealing the moment of creation, where stars and selves are born out of the nothing.

This engagement reaches through the felt experience to a deeper part of oneself. Perhaps to the inner fire of the soul – the starfragment that connects us to the universe.

Always donning flip flops, I work with a piece by following a trail of original impulses on raw canvas with acrylics. Strokes capture the process, shunning the refined or exacting. The economy of white with bold color offers space for pure perception in the arising of an energetic imprint/expression.

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