Apples + Honey
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Apples + Honey

“You are your present, your own apple. Pick it from your tree. Raise it in your hand. It’s gleaming, rich with stars. Claim it. Take a luxurious biteout of the present, and whistle along the road of your destiny.” – Pablo Neruda

‘Tis the season for heartlights here at the HQ of all things auspicious, where being luminous is always in style and I once had a vision in which a river of honey flowed to an apple tree with both red and green apples.

The sweetness that traveled through the second half of my year revolved around celebrations and the union of souls. The memories taste like Spanish figs, perfectly timed coconuts on mediterranean beaches, salt tears in front of paintings and savoring nourishing moments in the ancient rhythm of the desert southwest. Each locale boasted an amazing dance party and an adventure of discoveries as abundantly inspiring as the birdsongs on my sunrise hikes.

The wisdom of the bear totem chased me down in a dream recently, reminding me to turn ever inward to the flame within. The beatbeatwhisper in that sacred space echos from the starfire in the heavens and contains all the things I know to be true in my bones. As I move towards my desires with fierce clarity, the fire in my heart leads the way on a path that is at once beautiful and pleasant, joyful and familiar.

Meanwhile back at the studio, big, bold and bright things have been happening:

Art + tech belong together. I created ‘Codify‘ for Quick Left inspired by Miro’s “Letters and Numbers Attracted to a Spark.” My latest piece “Here Comes the Sun” hangs in the office as well for the time being. Talk about street cred: rumor has it, you can see it from the stop light at 9th and Pearl. If you’re on foot, ring the bell if you wanna pop in and take a peek.

Purchase, curate, commission – oh my! While you can’t put a price on love, if there’s a piece you love from the studio, inquire within. You might be surprised by the seasonal pricing. These days, everything is a grand (or less!) to encourage lighting up lives with fresh art.

Got a date for New Year’s Eve? Join me at BMoCA’s NYE event Miracle + Wonder. This year’s event promises to be a positively delicious, light-filled happening and dance party worth discovering. You’ll see me there live-painting. Details here. As a member of the planning committee this year, I have a handful of tickets to give away. So let me know if your lightbody wants to come dazzle on the dance floor.

Remember that all your stars are lucky ones,

Whose New Year’s Resolution is to research “The Art of Spas and Their Role in the Creative Process

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