a simple creature
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a simple creature

a simple creature
by Allison Schultz

I am here –
a gift.

an unlettered map of the
fallen starfragment
tracing a story in the earth
about a dream becoming true
at the edge of transformation and wonder.

a body of work
soft animal fur and pink
wired, electric desiring beyond my edges of
percipient perceptible flesh
attuning perception reception inside outside as above so below
pulsing at the center of the universe
a miracle unfolding unfurling
a whorl of unlimited bliss

a vessel
engaged in an energy economy
exchanging light-for-light
luminous numinous
holy / wholly / whole
connected coursing currents of carbon and neutrinos tied with string theory
entwining within and without, you me
filling space with breath
eating inspiration (inspiritus, spirit)
lifeforcing grace all over and over again

is are was were be being been.

an ebullient empire of stardust
with paws on the ground landing creative bones –
senses keen to embodied ecology of a starfire odyssey

a chimera
of bone, sinew, feather, dream, dew
viscerated, mythicated
snake curled up my spine
played with the tiger in my heart, together
drawing the dragon tattoo in the sand
by the light of the full bellied moon
I swallowed the night the tide rose in my eyes
as I read postcards from the horizon line
as spider wove stars in my hair

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  1. John Karis says:

    Love this. How much more you know that you haven’t told me.

    For another walk…one day.


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